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Salim Gasmi personal web site


Programs I wrote:

• Gld (Unix)

If you use Postfix SMTP Server you may need to implement
the greylisting algorithm to reduce spams.

Gld is a standalone greylisting server for Postfix
it listen on a TCP port and use MySQL for storing data.

The server supports whitelists based on sender,sender_domain and client_ip.
it supports also light greylisting and DNS white lists.

gld is free and under the GPL licence.

Gld is available as package for Debian and Ubuntu under the name postfix-gld.

- Current Version : 1.7 (01/05/2006).
- Os : Unix*
- Source Provided: Yes
- Github link : Gld on Github
- Download link : Gld Sources

• Sustat (Unix,Windows)

If you use Serv-U Ftp Server you may need statistics of your server.
SuStat is a program made to generate ASCII reports about your ftp server activity.

SuStat features :

   * Reports Download/Upload volumes user by user
   * Reports Download/Upload volumes host by host
   * Reports most downloaded files/directories
   * Reports users connexions and failures
   * Can process regarding a date range
   * Output is ASCII and can be imported in Excel
   * Is command line oriented and thus can be scripted
   * Very Fast
   * It's totally FREE

- Current Version : 2.00 (12/05/2002).
- Os : Windows, Linux , AIX
- Source Provided : No
- Download link : Windows binary, Linux binary, AIX binary

• ClassAction (Amiga)

ClassAction is a file manager for AmigaOS, more details here.
You can download a free keyfile here.

• AmiRom64 (Amiga)

AmiRom64 is a N64 rom manager for AmigaOS, more details here.

• Nslookup (Amiga)

Nslookup is the Unix command nslookup ported to AmigaOS, more details here.